Baby Bottles and Teats

I received a lot of Tommee Tippee bottles before Max was born, I used them for about two weeks before realising they were CRAP!I swiftly replaced them with the anti colic Avent bottles which are miles better (in my opinion). I did go slightly over board and brought way to many bottles, at the time it seemed like a good idea as they were all at a really good price. I wasn’t thinking long term, you change the teats every 3 months, 2 teats will set you back about a fiver. So every 3 months ill be shelling out 20ish pound on teats. It doesn’t sound much but trust me once the hard reality of Maternity pay kicks in you’ll not want to be paying out for anything unnecessary.

My advice would be to buy what you need, if baby has 6 bottles a day then just buy 6 bottles, Don’t get carried away like I did, half my bottles have now been retired to the cupboard which seems like such a waste.

Another tip would be don’t bother with the mini Avent bottles there cute but only go up to 4oz. Your little one will soon outgrow them.


2 thoughts on “Baby Bottles and Teats

  1. I so wish I came across this post before I went out and purchased 20 of the Tomee Tipee bottles. I haven’t had too much trouble with them yet, but I am looking in to the Madela bottles. Do you have them in the UK?


    • We do, I’ve never tried Madela but its a good brand. The Tommee tippee ones might work for you so don’t write them off. I just found they made Max very windy. We’ve been doing a bit of testing for a magazine awards and I’ve tried so many bottles lately, look up a company called Haberman there concept is that the baby drinks the milk from the teat instead of the bottles (There’s a post about them on my page)


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