Being a mother is a full time job

I used to think that was such BS, how hard can it be. You don’t have to get up at the arse crack of dawn and drag yourself into London on a train full of commuters. Surely every day is a weekend and you must have plenty of down time to just do want you want.


I realised very soon after having my baby that being a mother is much harder than going into work. Work is a doodle compared to this especially in the early days when Max was waking every 2 – 3 hours for a feed. At work you get sick pay, a lunch hour and as many tea and toilet breaks as you wish, as a Mum it doesn’t matter if your sick that baby has to be fed has to have the dirty nappy changed. Dinner still has to be made, there are no lunch breaks or holiday pay. Its 24/7 7 days a week.

Where on week 14 now and thank god things have calmed down; Max is in some kind of a routine and sometimes sleeping from 11.30 ish till 8 am. In the early days when your having no sleep it can drive you to the brink but somehow you just get thru it, because that’s what being a mum is all about šŸ™‚


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