I’ve not posted for a few weeks

It’s been pretty crazy round here.

A few weeks ago I had a scare with Max, he had been fine all morning then his temp shot up unexpectedly and he started to shake. Dan had gone back to work so in my blind panic I ran to my very helpful next door neighbour. She kindly phoned an ambulance for Max. It was without a doubt the worse day of my life, we spent the entire day at the hospital with my poor baby being poked and prodded.

He was admitted to the ward because his urine sample showed that he had a urine infection. Trust me when I say getting a 3 months old to pee into a pot for a clean sample really is no joke.

Max had to have a cannula in his hand so they could pump him with antibiotics directly.

It was just horrible he screamed and screamed till he had nothing left in him then he fell asleep from exhaustion. He was allowed to go home on the Thursday thank god and we had to return for his medicine on the Friday.

So we turned up for the last lot of IV antibiotics and went back later that day to have the tube taken out of his hand.

Since then it’s been a nightmare, the Dr didn’t put on the prescription how long Max needed to take the antibiotics. I called the hospital and the Dr there said he needed to take them until his outpatients appt in roughly 6-8 WEEKS. WTF we thought that’s a very long time. I queried it with the hospital and nobody bothered to come back to me. He has since had a scan and it showed that he has a slow draining kidney, this means the urine doesn’t flow as quickly as it should.

Skip forward to today Max has had a temp up and down all day, we took him to the drs and he has a cold. I rang the hospital again and lo and behold the Dr tells me to stop Max taking the medicine as it was only meant as a 4 day course.

The morale of this story is never trust the Dr’s always question everything!!!! and don’t be afraid to get mad, sadly nice guys really do finish last. When it comes to my child I will scream at whomever I need to to ensure his health is being looked out for.



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