Its all about Baby Led Weaning

As Max is now over 6 months for the past few weeks we have started weaning properly. I have been spoon-feeding him baby porridge since he was 4 months mainly so he could get used to the feel, texture and taste of something other than a teat and formula. When Max was born my health visitor made me very aware of Baby Led Weaning, this is allowing your baby to feed himself completely  passing the purée stage, the recommended age for this as per the NHS guidance is 6 months.

The idea of Max being able to feed himself seemed very attractive to me, I figured that he would have to learn one day so why not start this from the beginning before he knows any better. A lot of people are afraid to allow their baby’s to feed themselves, they worry that the baby will choke or another common concept they won’t be getting the nutrients they need from food and will therefore starve. This doesn’t happen with baby led because the baby still has the normal amount of bottles (In max’s case 4 a day) so the main source of food is still formula/breast milk and food for the first year is just for fun.

I think each parent has to go with what they are comfortable with whether that be spoon-feeding purées or going down the baby led route.

We’ve been doing mixed weaning and baby led. I have spoon fed Max porridge, Purées and baby yogurt all which he has thoroughly enjoyed. It amazed me how quickly he learnt new skills such as opening his mouth for the spoon and doing chewing motions.

I decided this morning that I would allow him to feed himself his porridge. I had purchased a mat for under his highchair in anticipation of the mess. I made the porridge a little bit thicker than usual and had brought some small rubber feeding spoons from boots.



These spoons are great the handle is small enough for max’s hand and the mouth part is rubber so he’s not going to hurt himself. They were boots own brand and to be honest there better than the tommee tippee ones I had bought before. The age guide on the packet is 7 months max is a couple of weeks shy of this but he handles them like a pro.

I was so pleased with how well he handled the spoon with the pre loaded porridge, yes it was messy and half of it ended up on his bib and tray but a lot of it went into his mouth.

I’m really looking forward to what the next few weeks bring, were planning on starting him on dinners as well as breakfast and lunch tomorrow. I’ve brought a small piece of salmon ready for him to devour so we’ll see how he gets on with that. Heres a pic of the mess from this morning:








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