Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep- Product Review

One of the best things we brought last year has to be hands down the perfect prep. The perfect prep is basically a water filtration system which allows bottles to be made to room temp in 2 minutes. We got one of these beauties about 8 weeks after Max was born now i don’t know how we ever survived without it.

So how does it work i hear you say well firstly it spits out a shot of hot water, you then need to add the formula (you have 2 minutes to do so). The hot water sterilizes the formula which surprisingly is not sterile. The machine then pumps out as much cold filtered water as required giving you a bottle at the perfect temp without the need to cool down.

This is def a must have for mums with newborns there is nothing worse than a screaming baby at 3 am whilst you wait for the bottle to cool down. It has a detachable tray for the bottle making it compatible with any kind of bottle not just Tommee Tippee

So above lists the pros but like anything baby related there’s also cons for a start its expensive it retails at 120.00 pounds in mothercare. We got ours via amazon when it was on special offer at 65.00 pounds. I still feel like this is very pricey but its been worth its weight in gold. The other issues are that the lowest fl oz is goes to is 4, no good when your newborn is drinking 3 fl oz. You also need to replace the water filter every 3 months, these cost roughly 8 pound in mothercare, i think you can also get them from amazon and argos etc.

We got ours in white but you can also now get the prep in black. Im not usually keen on Tommee Tippee products but this one is a winner, its had lots of use and i will definitely be using this for my next baby.



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