Baby Led Update

So for anyone interested in our weaning adventure last night was salmon and steamed carrots. At first he was a bit unsure the salmon was very tender and the whole look and feel of it is completely new to him. Never the less he ate a fair amount, which I was quite impressed with.

I brought a small cut of salmon from Sainsbury’s and cooked it in the brown bag it came in, we steamed the carrots and I cut them into batons.

One lesson I learnt this morning was that when you feed baby smelly food make sure you wipe down the high chair straight away. I was preoccupied doing the other five thousand things I have to do before bed time and forgot. The smell of salmon did not go well with Max’s weetabix this morning 🙂

Tonight he had mashed sweet potato and carrots, I was naughty and spoon fed him purely because I had no clean small spoons ( yep sometimes I can be lazy). He ate a good ammount and i didn’t offer him his bottle before bed. He’s currently in the land of nod, i believe if he’s hungry for a bottle then he will wake up.

I boiled the sweet potato and mashed it with a bit of butter as i would normal mash. I then mashed in the steamed carrots.

Were going on a girls family trip to butlins next week, I’m looking forward to getting away for a while thou im sure were both going to miss daddy 🙂


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