Max’s Breakfast Choices

I’ve been spoon feeding Max Baby porridge since he was about 4 months. We started off with the Aptamil porridge as this was the same brand as his formula which seemed a no brainer for me.

download (1)The porridge was perfect, the consistency of the porridge granules are  really fine which made it a easy transition at 4 months. Aptamil sell 3 flavours but we always just went with the original one. We  also never bothered with baby rice, but they also stock this.




B3233685_1217981 After a few months I found the aptamil to be a bit bland, we moved onto the cow and gate which was nice but was hard to mix to a good consistency.

We have finally settled on Ella’s Kitchen which i love, it’s 100% organic and i love the packaging.


$_35This porridge is from 7 months because it slightly thicker than 4-6 month baby porridges.






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