Weaning going from strength to strength

Max is doing so well with this whole weaning business. Today for dinner he had Sausage (the soft inside part) mash and broccoli along with baby gravy so it wasn’t to dry.

I baby led cheated and spoon feed the majority to him (I should really of just loaded the spoon and allowed him to fed himself), to my surprise he ate everything on the plate. Sometimes i’ll give him a pouch but i feel he does better with real food that pouches he seems to gag a lot less with real food.

He seems to have gone right off his milk and I imagine shortly he will drop from 4 bottles to 3.His progress is amazing and it’s heartwarming to know I’ve played a big part in that . You really do get out what you put in with babies and children 🙂

Other recent developments are rolling back to front and front to back, there’s just no stopping him now. His teeth are also really playing him up this week we cant wait for that first tooth to cut and hopefully ease some of his pain


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