Breakfast Hack- Toast with Mango Purree

Previously when giving Max toast for breakfast I would put all the cut up pieces straight on the high chair tray. What usually happens is that he sucks all the topping off and the rest of the toast ends up down the sides of the high chair.

Well today I had an idea, instead of giving him all the toast I’ve given him a piece at a time. I don’t know about other baby’s but Max can be a bit greedy, he just keeps shoving the food in even when he hasn’t finished what’s in his mouth. By letting him have a piece at a time it’s making sure he’s eating and chewing what’s already in his gob.

Now it seems like the obvious thing to do 🙂

I only let Max have toast once a week, as bread has a high salt content. I also purée up fruit to spread on the toast, this morning was Mango. I’m planning on freezing the leftover purée to use for another day.




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