MAM Starter CUP 4+

This morning felt a bit like christmas day, but instead of Santa (a.k.a my husband) bringing my presents it was MAM via Royal Mail. As the packages arrived I could feel myself getting giddy at the idea of what was inside. I just couldn’t wait to delve in, start testing and naturally telling everyone about it.

Our friends at MAM have been very generous, the first parcel contained a new cup for Max.


Now if you’re anything like me you’ll be slightly addicted to purchasing new cups – Max has about 5 already! I get suckered in every time, I really don’t know what it is that makes me want to keep a good stock of cups.

I was super pleased with this one, for me it ticks all the boxes. Its very aesthetically pleasing, it’s really easy to take apart for cleaning and just as easy to reassemble. The cup itself is extremely lightweight. The handles with the grips on the inside make it very easy for Max to hold. The spout is extra soft but also quite strong and versatile which should come in handy now Max has cut his first 3 teeth 🙂

As with every cup I come across I did the spill test. This entails me chucking the cup every which way to check for spillage. I’m happy to say it passed my test with flying colours.

The cup comes in 3 different colours; Pool Blue, Bubblegum Pink and Kiwi. The handle and spout is also compatible with all MAM cups.

Here's Max enjoying his new cup at dinnertime

Here’s Max enjoying his new cup at dinnertime

In summary this product is definitely one of the better ones on the market. It really works the way a starter cup should. It has my baby’s interests at heart so for me its a winner.


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