Urine Infection Update

I was looking through some of my older posts (and correcting some of my grammar) when I realised I hadn’t done an update on Max’s situation with the infections for a while.

So since catching the first infection he has had another 2. To date he has been infection free for 12 weeks. He had another scan at the hospital which showed the kidney had corrected the flow issue, so we knew that wasn’t the cause. With both infections he had to have the IV antibiotics again and yet more hospital stays.

Since the last infection we did some research, the bug he had caught grows in the earth and water. As we knew Max hadn’t been rolling in or eating dirt we figured it had to be the water. So we decided to make some changes. Firstly we stopped using the Tommee Tippee Perfect prep, with the prep you are constantly topping up the water, which made us question whether this was causing a breeding ground for the bug. We went back to making bottles the old-fashioned way. This was hard at first I absolutely loved the prep, but if it keeps my bubba off the ward then that’s what needs to be done.

We also made sure we were changing his nappy regularly, don’t get me wrong I was changing the nappy often before. I also make sure Max drinks plenty of water.

The dr had advised us to carry on with the oral antibiotics at home, we made a decision this week to stop these (they are a preventive antibiotic). Max has taken these since the first infection in Feb and we believe he doesn’t need the dose anymore.

So far everything looks good and we just hope it continues in this way.


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