Mummy on a mission

This week I decided to try out some new recipes from my baby led weaning cookbook. I was feeling a bit guilty that M

Max wasn’t getting a variety of healthy food. So I rolled up my sleeves, pushed myself of the sofa and got into the kitchen.

So I made homemade cottage pie on Weds (I can’t remember what happened the days before,I have a serious case of baby brain). I’ve made cottage pie before but never to a recipe. It proved to beDSC_0065 a big hit with the boy. The pie took about an hour to prepare and cook. I have frozen what was left over, this will come in handy when i don’t feel like cooking.

At the moment I’m having to cook 2 meals one for max and one for me and Danny, this isn’t ideal but is unavoidable. I make sure we all sit down together at least one day out of the weekend. I want ma to learn that coming together as a family at the dinner table is important. We don’t eat dinner on our laps in this house.

My second attempt at fine culinary was thursday, on the menu was seafood risotto (homemade of course)Max loves fish so this also went down a storm. It took a little longer than the cottage pie at 1 and a half hours to prep and cook.

We don’t eat a lot of seafood in our house, but I wouldn’t dream of not giving it to Max. Just because we don’t like something doesn’t mean that he won’t.

Tonight he’s having Moroccan Stew which takes 2 hours so id better get cracking on with that. I got all my recipes out of the book Yummy Discoveries:The Baby-Led weaning recipe book.


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