Oh dear… We lost Bob the turtle

So as you all know MAM sent us some bits to review recently. Included in that haul was their latest rubber teeter Bob The turtle.

Max had barely had the time to get attached before he and Bob went there separate ways. I’m gutted, I always feel sad when Max loses anything.

I just hope Bob is found and can spread a little happiness to another child (Theres a high chance Bob is in the boot of my car).

I feel out of respect to Bob and the times he and Max shared we should just say a few sentences about him.

I think Bob’s meant to be a competitor to Sophie the Giraffe. Now Max loves his Sophie (Unless she’s on her holibobs, then he forgets all about her) so a newbie coming on the scene was always going to be a tall order.

We can say that Bob was nice and lightweight with a hollow belly, thus making it easy for Max to hold. He was made out of 100 % rubber and the feet were great for gnawing and sucking. Bob was a brother to Lucy the snail and Max the frog.

TRF101MAMteetherfriendlucyINFO TRF301MAMteetherfriendmax

We continue to hold out hope for Bobs safe return, who knows he and Max might have been friends.



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