A day in the life of Max’s Mummy

So my day consists of feeding,cooking,running around,playing and Housework. Not necessarily all in that same order 🙂

I realised this morning after a unsettled night with Max, that my day never ends. I don’t clock in and 9 and finish at 5, i’m on call to my boy 24 hours a day. Now i’m not complaining I love being there full time for my son. I feel like i’ve finally found  a job I enjoy.

This morning I have taken some time for myself. I’ve done the things that aren’t a priority normally like brushing my hair and plucking my monobrow.

On a completely separate note I’m receiving a lot of traffic to my blog. This makes me sparkle inside so thank you so much for the people reading my posts. Im loving writing my blog and i hope your enjoying reading it 🙂


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