Seaworld of hurt… the Blackfish story

I recently stumbled across the documentary “Blackfish” which is all about Seaworld and their main star orca Tillikum.

To start this story let me tell you a little about myself.

I grew up on a council estate in the UK. My mum was a single parent (my dad left when i was 6) my family was a large one 4 boys, me and my sister (who went with my Dad). Places like Seaworld and Florida only ever existed in dreams and on the telly to me. We were what would be considered as a poor family. There would have been no way my mum could afford to take all these kids abroad, let alone to Florida. That was the holiday that other families with a mum and dad would do.

Regardless I had a very happy childhood, but I always dreamed of someday seeing dolphins in real life. They were my absolute favourite as a little girl and as an adult still are.

I met my husband when I was 19 and he showed me there was so much more out there. He was (and still is) a true Disney diehard. I must’ve heard his Florida stories a million times.

I finally got my opportunity to go to Florida with Danny and it certainly didn’t disappoint. We stayed on International drive and had a jam packed two weeks that consisted of all the Disney Parks, Universal and of course Seaworld.

I’ll be honest I loved it, when we went they had a dolphin nursery, which just melted my heart.

It was amazing seeing the animals I had loved for so long up close. We didn’t catch the Shamu show, I can’t remember why. I remember seeing the whale thou and being stunned by its awesomeness.

It never really entered my head the way the animals may have been treated. I mean come on its Seaworld a million dollar company, their bread and butter are these mammals surely they would be treated like royalty.

I really can’t believe how naive I was. I brought into the lie like so many others that Seaworld were spewing out.

The movie Blackfish really opened my eyes to a very harsh truth. Here’s some of the points I learnt from the documentary (and doing a bit of research after)

Seaworld mistreat their animals, they are kept in what’s best described as concrete prisons.

Seaworld use food deprivation as a means to get the animal to perform tricks. 

Seaworld separate mothers and babies and then lie about it to the general public.

Seaworld purchased the killer whale Tillikum, fully knowing that he had already killed twice. That he showed signs of aggressiveness.

Killer Whales kept in captivity at Seaworld live much shorter lives than those in the wild. Seaworld claim that nobody knows really how long killer whales live, they estimate maybe 30-35 years. According to the NOAA orcas can live up to 80 years. There has been a  recent report in the news of a 103 year old Killer Whale “Granny” this really makes me think that Seaworld need to employ better script writers.

Orcas held in captivity don’t live beyond their teens, in fact only 5 of the captive orcas have lived past 30.

Seaworld currently have 5 Killer Whales who were stolen from their pods from the ocean. Seaworld know that and we know that so why have they not been returned to their natural habitat.

Ok I’m going to stop writing in bold now. I’m angry, enraged, fuming, can you tell.

I feel like I’ve been duped into the fantasy of Seaworld. I feel like they reeled me in and I now feel an absolute fool for buying into the lies.

After I watched the documentary I instantly hit the net to find out some information about this cruelty. I came across the PETA site Seaworld of Hate. The site backed up the claims from Blackfish.

Peta have asked Seaworld to Empty the tanks and instead open sea sanctuaries where these majestic animals can live a happy fulfilled life as they would in the wild. Seaworld’s response to this is to propose an expansion to build bigger prisons for the Orcas.

This simply is not GOOD ENOUGH!!! Unless Seaworld are going to build a tank as big as the ocean this will never be a preferred alternative.

It’s been a truly long time since I have felt so enraged about a subject.

I don’t see how anyone can not be affected by the inhumane way Seaworld are treating these precious animals. We really are a despicable race. What gives us the right to take ownership over a life be it an animal or another human.

I want to help PETA open people’s eyes to the cruelty that’s happening not just at sea world but at seaquarium’s all around the world.

Will this negative press coupled with PETAS campaign be enough to shut down establishments such as Seaworld. Who knows but for the sake of the animals that don’t have a voice we really do have to try make this a reality.

Please take a moment to look at PETAS website and see how you can help the cause.


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