Toothy pegs

Max cut his first 3 teeth a few weeks ago.

After wishing for so long to see a tooth I’d quite happily go back to to the anxiously waiting stage.

Cutting teeth changes a baby, Max goes from happy chappie to devil child in 2 second flat these days. They say it can take up to 2 years for all of babies teeth to cut. I’m just hoping it gets better as he gets older.

So those toothy pegs need to be cleaned.

We don’t use fluoride toothpaste at home (fluoride is actually a poison that can make you very sick if ingested) so its a non brainier that we will do the same with Max. We are currently waiting for a delivery of non fluoride toothpaste for him.

We’ve chosen a toothpaste called Jack and Jill. Its non fluoride and it has no other chemical nasties.

So in the meantime I’ve been bravely cleaning his teeth with the MAM Oral Rabbit (sent to us to review by MAM).

I think the rabbit is designed for smaller babies than Max. Its a great tool for massaging babies sore gums. The ears fit like a puppet on your fingers. This is the part that goes in the baby’s mouth (lucky mummy). The design is cute and Max likes it when I sing peter rabbit whilst wiggling my fingers/ears.

One of the big problems with the rabbit is storage. The rabbit is going in your child’s mouth so you need to make sure its cleaned regularly, but where do you store it? It would have been great if MAM had created a nice case of the rabbit to live in when not in use.

Once the toothpaste turns up, I’l do another post about our experiences brushing teeth 🙂

Jack and Jilldownload (1)


2 thoughts on “Toothy pegs

  1. Thanks for visiting my site! ( My 10 month old has 8 teeth, which is really cute when she smiles, but not so cute when she clamps down on my nipple. We just use water to brush her teeth. We plan to introduce toothpaste after she gets a little more used to the whole process. We also sing a song to her every time. It helps distract her and also lets her know how long to expect to activity to last. Have fun with those pegs!


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