National Breastfeeding Week

This week has been branded National Breast feeding week.

Now I don’t want to offend but WHY just WHY. Why can’t we just have national feed your baby week.

You will probably have guessed by now I did not breastfeed my son (cue gasps). In my case this was not thru want of TRYING.

Max had slight tongue tie and found it difficult to latch on.

To be honest I found the process stressful. I didn’t receive enough support (in my opinion) whilst I was on the ward.

I was told we couldn’t go home if the baby didn’t feed one way or another.

I wanted to go home so I gave him formula.

I did however express milk. I lasted 3 weeks. Expressing and bottle feeding together is hard, there’s no other way to put it. At times I just felt like a cow.

Since having Max all I hear about is how Breast is Best, like I need to be made to feel like I’m not giving my son what’s considered the best.

I don’t want to offend anyone I just wish the media would stop putting breastfeeding on a pedestal.

As long as we are feeding our children the best way we possibly can then why does it matter.


5 thoughts on “National Breastfeeding Week

  1. Yes! I feel the same way. Alexander and I tried and tried to make breastfeeding work and it just never clicked. I tried pumping exclusively, and then supplementing with formula for a while and finally the pediatrician sat me down and said “Breastfeeding is good, and formula is good, but feeding your baby and keeping your sanity is best.”
    Still didn’t keep from feeling judged by everyone when I switched to formula exclusively.


  2. Its not that I have anything against breastfeeding, I’m not a idiot I can see the benefits. I just wish that people could see the bigger picture. I think with my next baby I would try and breastfeed. I feel I’m a lot more knowledgeable now than I was before Max.


  3. I struggled hugely with my first daughter, it was painful and the only advice I got was ‘just latch her on correctly and it won’t hurt’ but no one actually showed me what ‘correct’ looked like. Eventually I had to admit ‘defeat’ and switch to bottle. Like most mums I felt terrible. I was determined with my 2nd daughter, and I fed her for a year. The funny thing is, there is no difference at all between either my breastfed or bottle fed daughters. They’re now 8 and 6 and have both developed equally well. As a result of that, I made the informed decision to bottle feed my 3rd (and final!!!) daughter and like her sisters, she’s fine! The joy of bottle feeding is that anyone can feed them, which aids bonding for all family members. I certainly prefer the idea of a national feed your baby week!


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