Poorly Maximus

The past week has been such a struggle. As some of you will know from my last post Max has been poorly.

It always amazes me how quickly a child can become ill. One day they are fine and the next they are not.

Were not sure what was wrong with Max. I did take him to the Dr’s and the Dr said (NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED) that his chest was clear (they always say that, what does it mean) he prescribed us antibiotics with the instruction to take if he hadn’t perked up by the 3rd day.

Yesterday he was still warm and irritable so we picked up the medicine and it seems to be working.


He’s back to being a cheeky monkey now.

One of his favourite games lately is lets chuck the cup over the side of the high chair and watch mummy fetch it (not one of my favourite games).

I hate it when Max is poorly, I feel the whole week has been wasted. The important thing is his better now so we can crack on with trying to get this baby crawling. I did notice that he’s been sleeping on his front balancing on his knees. I’m hoping this means he will learn to use those legs soon.


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