Fish Pie

Today I made Max a fish pie FROM SCRATCH!!

Oh yes the good mummy award goes to….. ME!

I got the recipe from the yummy discovery’s baby led weaning book:


Frozen Fish 

I used frozen fish because I had this in my freezer. How much fish you want to put in the pie is up to you. I used a small handful of cod and salmon. You can use fresh fish if you want.

4 Baking Potatoes (peeled and halved, we also use sweet potato)

1 Onion (Chopped)

2 handfuls grated cheddar

3 Tbsps. plain flour

1 tsp Unsalted butter

Handful of frozen peas (I just put in a handful of frozen veg as I had that in the freezer)

100 ml Milk (Full fat)

I also added broccoli and spinach.


It’s always a good idea to deal with the prep first. (So chop your onions, cut the fish into chunks and coat with flour, cut your potatoes and grate your cheese)

Pre heat your oven to 180c/gas mark 4

So I heat the butter in the frying pan (I recently brought a lovely ceramic one from wilkos as we are a bit anti aluminium in this house). Make sure the pan is on a low heat you don’t want the butter to burn.

Boil or steam your potatoes- This will need to be mashed so they need to go on for about 20 minutes.

Boil or steam the broccoli and spinach

Add the chopped onions to the pan and fry them in the butter until they are soft.

Add the fish and cheese, stir until the cheese melts.

Stir in the milk. It should thicken as you cook, If the sauce is to runny add more flour if it’s too thick then add more milk.

Stir in the broccoli and spinach

Turn off the heat but leave the sauce in the pan.

Mash your potatoes

Transfer the sauce to an oven proof dish, cover with the mash.

Cook for 20-25 minutes.

Once the pie was cooked I allowed it to cool. Then being the crazy mummy I am I allowed Max to feed himself (WITH HIS HANDS!!!).

Fish is so good for the little ones, it plays a big part in brain development.

For afters I gave him a ice lolly I had made from blended strawberry’s and blueberry’s.

He wasn’t overly keen on that but it makes a good teether idea 🙂




9 thoughts on “Fish Pie

    • My Max loves fish, but then I’ve been giving it to him for ages now. I’m not as keen it stinks my house out. I’m always trying to find new recipes to try with him. Have you been doing Baby led or traditional weaning with your max?


      • Baby led, and we love it! You too? The whole avoiding force feeding was a big one for me, which is why this fish thing is so anoying. Started early, but something about the consistency, she will chew, suck on it and spit it out.. argh! Everything else is a go though, and i mean all kinds of food and flavours.. keep sharing the recepies please, they are so appreciated:)


  1. Don’t be put off if she’s spits the fish out. With baby led weaning the baby’s main nutrition is still in the milk. I read that by the time baby is 1 they should be actually digesting 3 meals a day. I know waste is a annoyance, I’ve learnt to just go with it now. 🙂 What do you feed her for breakfast I cooked pancakes this morning, not sure how tasty they were but Max ate some but he also chewed spat out and played with a lot of them.


    • I know, I keep telling myself the “food before 1 is just for fun” mantra;) she is digesting her 3 meals a day already, so I should not complain! Mini breakfast pancakes is a favorite in this houshold, I also bake my own bread, with greated carrots, and she loves that, particularly with natural peanut butter or mozarella:) she really enjoyes greek yogurt too, but that gets very messy! What does Max like?


      • How do you make your pancakes. I tried them and Max ate them but I didn’t think they were that great. I really want to get a bread maker, I don’t think I can make bread manually. Would love to be able to thou 🙂


      • I make them a bit different everytime, but this is my base recepie;

        1 & 1/5 cup flour (i usually do half wholemeal half fine flour)
        1 -2 teaspoons of bakingpowder
        1 teaspoon vanilla extract or sugar
        Dash of nutmeg
        Zest of a lemmon
        1 Tablespoon of brown sugar or a bit of rice syrup or maple syrup (I know sugar is no good, but a bit makes them a whole lot better!)

        I mix the dry ingredients then I add the wet ones;

        2/3 cup greek or plain yogurt
        2 eggs
        As much milk as needed
        Can also add a bit of oil, but usually skip it.

        Then I either mix in some berries, blueberries and rasberries are great, passion fruite and greated apple is also very nice. Cinnamon is also a great spice to use with the apples:)

        I have this really great silicone bread maker, I’ll make a post about it with my supersimple recipe soon. It is such a lifesaver to have an easy go to breakfast or quick lunch!


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