The 3 day nanny

There’s a new program on channel 4 that I recently caught on catch up called the 3 day nanny. I really thought it would be just a copy of Jo Frost Super Nanny. It’s not.

I actually really enjoyed it. Last night’s episode was based on a couple from East Sussex.

They have 22 month old twin girls. The girls were calling all the shots with the parents.

Dad would leave each morning at 7 am form work and not return till 8 pm. During that time Mum would have a constant battle trying to rein the girls in.

The girls ran riot, they really had their mummy running around after them. Dinner time was a nightmare and they couldn’t sleep without a dummy.

The 3 day nanny came to their home, observed them for a day then gave helpful advice to correct the issues.

One of the main things that interested me was taking the dummies away at night time.

Max has a dummy at night but it doesn’t affect his sleep. With these little girls it was, the dummy would fall out of their mouth and they would wake up, scream and in comes mummy to soothe them and pop the dummy back in.

The nanny advised taking the dummy away. She tied the dummies to a tree and told the little ones that there would be presents in exchange of the dummies from the dummy fairy.

She advised the parents to not go in when the girls cried for the dummy, she explains that as long as the child pauses between cries then this is them trying to self soothe. By going in and calming them down they are making it harder for the children to sleep.

I completely agree with this concept. I’ve noticed on a few occasions when Max doesn’t want to go to bed that when I or Danny go in to soothe him it just takes longer to get him to drift off.

I think this will be a good one to watch and pick up some tips.


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