The baby tricks

Ok Max is 9 and half months old now and is constantly tricking me.

Trick One- The Water Trick

It’s a warm day and where in the car. I let Max have his water cup (God forbid I don’t want him to dehydrate). We arrive at our destination and the cup is nearly empty. Ooo good I think he’s drunk loads…. no no no he’s just chucked the entire contents of his cup down his front.

Trick Two- The nap trick

I’ve put Max down for a nap. All of a sudden after some time he’s gone quiet. Ooooo I think finally he’s nodded off. So I peek my head round his door and his facing the opposite side to the door. I pop my head to see his face and make sure he hasn’t suffocated on his bear comforter. Next thing you know BAM he’s facing me and he’s wide awake. It’s too late to jump behind the door, you’re out in the open, your exposed there’s no hiding, All of a sudden it’s not nap time, its playtime.

Trick Three- The food trick

You will know if you’ve read my food posts that Max is predominately baby led when it comes to weaning. I love to let Max have the independence of feeding himself (where possible). I have lost count of the times I’ve thought he had eaten well only to get him out of the high chair and find he’s stashed the food down the sides.


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