Ohhhh Max

It seems to me that my lovely angelic boy has turned into a monster!

What I mean by that is he’s become so boisterous, he’s decided that he doesn’t want to be restrained in any shape or form. Max has learnt how to arch himself back. An especially fun move when I’m trying to strap him in the car seat.

He also learnt how to clap (his daddy taught him) this week.

Would he do it on demand hell no, there’s nothing like a baby to make you look like a barefaced liar :).

To be fair he’s not a performing monkey (at least that’s what I think he would say if he could speak)

He’s currently in his cot crying for my attention. It’s my own fault I kept him up a half hour later than usual so he’s probably overtired.

I took the monster to Clarks this week to get his feet measured. He was surprisingly good. Where now the proud owner of shoes that actually fit. This hasn’t stopped him from kicking then off at EVERY opportunity! Doesn’t he realise I brought these shoes from CLARKS not Boots.

I just CANNOT wait for the school holidays to be over. Then all the playgroups and classes can resume and Max can burn off all this extra energy.

What can I say he’s a sausage but I do love him!

Here’s some cuteness from our trip to the local library

Picture 572

Butter wouldn’t melt!

OOOOO this jacket is yummy.

OOOOO this jacket is yummy.

The devil in disguise

Monster in training

Ohhh mummy what are you doing!

Ohhh mummy what are you doing!


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