What a nightmare!!!!

My Tommee Tippee electric steriliser has died a death on me. It’s not even a year old can you believe it.

This is a nightmare! Max still has 3 or 4 bottles a day (he’s a baby led baby) which means lots to sterilise.

I’ve emailed Tommee bloody Tippee and demanded they sort the issue out. No doubt they will tell me to go to Mothercare (where the unit was purchased) which I have already done. For what I paid for the steriliser I really expected it to last a lot longer than this.

Have I mentioned before that I really do not like Tommee Tippee. I’ve not really had many positive experiences using their products.

I raved here about the perfect prep (click here if your interested) and I really thought it was a genius contraption. That is until we suspected it may be helping the bug along that Max kept catching (read the latest update here). So we stopped using it sharpish.

I didn’t get on well with their bottles I found them pretty crap, and the electric pump was a pile of dog turd.

Luckily (or so I thought) MAM had previously sent me a steriliser to test and review. The downside was that it was a microwave steriliser (we don’t own a microwave). It also is apparently good for cold water sterilisation.

Cold water sterilisation is an absolute FAFF. I hate it!

It just didn’t feel like the bottles were clean. In fast the teats had a funny film on them. RANK!!

Thank god one of our mummy friends is going to lend us her steriliser while we try and get ours sorted.

I don’t think I can handle the cold method much longer.

What have your experiences been with this brand positive or negative? It’s such a big brand over here they seem to be everywhere.


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