What are you feeding him bricks!

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Relative: “he’s so heavy what are you feeding him bricks”

Me: “no I do not feed my son bricks :)”

So he’s gained a little weight. Isn’t that what healthy babies do?

Give me a chunky monkey over a skinny minnie any day of the week!

If I was a less assured mamma I may just let people’s comments worry me. I will take him to be weighed but I know he is gaining weight just fine.

People say silly things all the time. For the sake of my sanity  I have to just let them go over my head, or just have a rant to my long suffering bestie.

He’s also finally started to crawl, shame it’s the wrong way!

Max claps at the right parts when we sing wind the bobbin. He’s such a cutie when he’s not crying and being generally moaney.

I can’t quite believe how quickly time is going; the strumpet will be 10 months on Tuesday.

In other news we booked up our visit to see Santa at Poihill garden centre. We didn’t take him last year as he was only a little bubba. I think he’s going to love it.

I’m quite excited about Xmas this year. This is what that time of year should be about :the kids and the magic!

Last year was awful (that’s a story for another time)



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