Week view of Max’s baby led menu: Week commencing 7/8

Sometimes I really struggle with what to feed Max.

Now were a family on a tight budget I’m having to be super organised and plan our meals for the whole week.

I’m always after inspirations for new recipes and ideas to feed my family. So I thought I would try to do a weekly post of what I’ve subjected my lot to for the week.


Breakfast – Cinnamon Pears- These were a bit of a miss more than a hit.

I found them way to sweet for Max. I wouldn’t cook these again.

Lunch – Rice Crackers, Tangerine pieces (he sucks the flesh and spits out the skin) and a yogurt (which i spoon fed him)

Dinner- Homemade chilli con carne with rice – He loves this dish. I allow him to eat it with his hands which helps with his pincer grip and motor skills.


Breakfast – Fruit- He had banana, apple and pears. All chopped into batons.

Lunch – Avocado cut into strips. He also had some rice crackers and a biscotti.

Dinner – Leftover Chilli Con carne with pasta


Breakfast – Crumpet with marmalade Cut into strips

Lunch – Cheese Sandwich and avocado strips (I really hate waste we used up the other half of yesterdays avocado)

Dinner – Homemade Chicken Curry – Again I allowed him to feed himself using his hands. I did preloaded some forks for him and helped to guide these into his mouth.


Breakfast – Muesli with chopped up blueberries I spoon fed this to Max.

Lunch – He skipped lunch today. He had some snacks instead as we were out.

Dinner – Spag Bol – A favorite meal of Max’s. He also had Melon, grapes and blueberries for dessert.


Breakfast – Yogurt smoothie (homemade), sliced apple and banana.

Lunch – Cheese Omelette with spinach and blueberries. Yogurt and rice crackers.

Dinner – Sausage (with the skin on) sweet potato mash and veg (broccoli and carrot). I cooked an apple crumble for after which I made last night.

I’ve mentioned above that I was planning on doing a weekly food menu post.

Lets face it I probably won’t (at least I’m honest).



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