Dummy Detox update- Day One

The day is finally over and Max is snoring in bed- with his dummy.

EPIC FAIL of a day.

On the good side ( I have to have a positive somewhere) he has only had the dummy when napping. He has’nt had it at any other time in the day.

In other news I think Max is going to crawl forward soon. SO EXCITED!!! He got up on his knees 4 or 5 times this afternoon. eeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


3 thoughts on “Dummy Detox update- Day One

  1. I love how they always win… but when they are sleeping, we are winning too;) I think that’s great progress, only dummy in the cot is what we aim for, the rest of the battle we lost a long time ago! Keep us posted, and get up a photo of Maximus getting ready for his forward crawling:)


    • Life with a child is a constant battle 🙂 The camera broke on my phone so it’s been a real mare. I’ve had to resort to using a digital camera and uploading to my laptop. I never realised how often is used it till it was gone! I must also remember not to squeak every time he goes onto his knees, i just can’t help it it’s so exciting!!!


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