DD- Day 2

Last night I caved in like the slave to the silicone teat I am and gave Max his dummy.

When I checked in on him he had spat it out.

So i hunted for it in the dark and took it away. Thankfully he doesn’t need the dummy to sleep.

This morning were trying the trick of bottle in bed. In the hope he will go back down for a hour or so. Sometimes this mucks up his morning nap but I’ve been thinking lately maybe it’s better for him to wake having had enough sleep instead of going back down an hour or so after her wakes.

Its quiet up there so fingers crossed he’s asleep and not just waiting for me to come up to check on him.

Went to check on him and he was ……………………….. AWAKE!

He’s such a little sod 🙂

Heres some Maxicutness to start your day.

Picture 141 Picture 081


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