Max Update

Max is now 10 and a half months old and time is just zooming by.

He’s coming on leaps and bounds and has developed a real cheeky character.

Baby led weaning

The baby led weaning is going well. I very rarely have to spoon feed him (this is usually dependent on me – Naughty mummy). He is eating a real variety of food and will try everything at least once.

To be honest how much is actually being eaten I don’t know.

There’s definitely a lot of mess at the end of the meal, But he seems to be gaining weight at the correct rate so I must be doing something right.


We have the Blue version

A while back MAM sent us some cutlery to try out and review. We’ve used this loads recently especially the fork. We must have a million spoons. Out of all the different shapes and brands these are my favorite. The handle is slightly curved which enables Max to have a fantastic grip.

The mouthpiece is neither too big or too small. MAM have really created this with little hands in mind.

Although most of Max’s meals are eaten by hand I do encourage him to try to use the fork and spoon.

What can I say its a process. I’m sure he will get there someday.


Toothy Pegs 

Max has another 4 teeth coming thru.

I feel like we waited so long for the first four but these seem to have popped up overnight.

I’ve tried hard to get Max into good brushing habits. If you have a baby you will know the struggle to get a baby to brush their teeth. I get about 2 seconds to do as much brushing as I can before he snatches the tooth-brush out of my hand.

We’ve been using a toothbrush that MAM sent us. It has a good-sized head and the handle is a funny bobbley shape which is easy to grasp. I also brought him a teether brush. This has been good for when he has been in pain with his teeth. So when these 4 come thru then we’ll nearly be halfway there (12 more to go 🙂 )

images (3) images (4)


The crawling is really coming on. At the moment he’s just dragging his legs around. There’s been a few times today when he’s actually moved arms and legs together so I doubt it will be long.

Already he’s so speedy, how will I keep up with him 🙂





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