Birthday prep and other news

Can you believe that in 5 short weeks Max will be 1!!!!

The small get together at my house has turned into a party at my house (I’m aware I’m a total hypocrite).

I’ve brought proper invitations and hired some soft play for the games room. I still need to sort the food cake and decorations.

Max has really come on these couple of weeks. He has learnt to crawl (walking dead style) forward. Now he can move it’s like he’s discovered a whole new world. We should just wrap him in bubblewrap and let him bounce of the furniture.

We’re quite lucky that our front room didn’t need too much baby proofing, though we need a new higher wooden stand for the TV. Max seems to think crawling underneath the glass to turn my virgin box on and off is great fun!

He’s got more teeth coming thru as well. I’m noticing he is making a wide variety of sounds now and he doesn’t stop sticking his tongue out.

I hate to say it but we’ve been learning new tricks (skills) this week.

To get him to let me wipe his hands clean after dinner I put my hand out for his and he puts his in mine. Simple but very effective. He’s learnt to say Moooooo and this morning he leant in to give me a kiss.

We’ve limited dummy time strictly to naps. When Max wakes and I pick him up I ask him to spit the dummy in my hand and he does, sometimes I don’t even have to ask him.

I know every mummy is biased but I really believe he’s going to be a baby genesis.

I took Max to be weighed yesterday. I didn’t realise it had been 8 whole weeks since I’d last took him. He weighed 19lb then and he’s 22lb now (and my arms and back know it) and on the 75th centile. I’ve been assured that his gain is fine and he’s not contrary to popular belief FAT.


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