Everything and nothing

Sometimes I feel I have so much I want to write about.

By the time I get the opportunity to actually sit at the laptop and log on all the idea’s seem to have magically fallen out of my head.

Whats with that- BABY BRAIN 🙂

How long can I use that excuse. Im sure my mummy friends will say FOREVER !!!

I’ve noticed lots of changes in Max lately.

He’s very easily distracted (gets that from me)

Now he’s mobile he’s off on his own little adventures.

Nothing and nowhere is safe.

He loves to crawl over to my glass TV stand (getting replaced) and turn the tivo box on and off. When I catch him he gets this proper cheeky look on his face (gets that from his dad).

I’ve decided today that I’m going to print off the pictures for his my first year photo frame.It’s been hanging for a fe months now and has 1 picture in it.

Im sure Max thinks the model baby picture in the frame is him.

So I’d better get cracking with that before the little sod wakes from his nap.

Have a great sunday!


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