Signs of a new mum

This morning I rose early  get the dinner on (WHY OH WHY).

I used this opportunity to get the dinner on (slow cooker spag bol) and start getting Max’s bits ready for the day (we’re going to be out for most of it).

Whilst I was spooning formula into the portable tub I got to thinking about when Max was born.

When you’ve had a new baby you’re guaranteed a few things:

  1. You will get NO SLEEP. Even if your baby sleeps well you will still spend hours peeking into the moses basket every few minutes.
  2. You will forget how to count. Sleep deprivation makes fools of us all. On a few occasions I have lost count of the spoons of formula and have had to start again.
  3. It will take you 10 hours to get out of the house (but this does get better I promise
  4. People will stop in the street/lift/shop to coo at your baby. Please don’t take offense to this, embrace the love.
  5. Your baby will look good but you will look a mess (Max is 11 months and I’m only just over coming this)
  6. Be ready to pack the kitchen sink. Your baby bag will weigh more than the actual baby.
  7. Everyone WILL have an opinion on how best to raise your child (this tends to be mainly with feeding and sleeping habits). I found the best practice to just smile politely and just do things my way.
  8. It will be a long time before you can actually drink your tea hot.

I’m sure there are soooo many points I’ve left out and I know there’s probably a million posts like this on the net.

In a crazy way I miss not having a newborn baby.

I would absolutely say make the most of the cuddles and the general babyness it goes by so quick.

Also don’t worry about things like washing and housework, these things can be done in your own time. Your baby is more important!

Ahhh roll on baby #2 🙂DSC_0522 DSC_0544 DSC_0546 DSC_0547 DSC_0548DSC_0685DSC_0543DSC_0607DSC_0674DSC_0676DSC_0683


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