If I could have one wish today

It would be for the sun to shine so I can hang my washing out and take Max to the park.

What a simple life I lead šŸ™‚ Other mums will know the nightmare of having to dry your washing indoors because its peeing down outside! Believe me it takes days to dry and it drives me nuts.

I haven’t posted in 5 days! I’m a broken record I know, but it’s been so busy.

After my last post we ended up at the hospital with Max because he was breathing a little funny (Yes I’am a first time mum and I panicked). On this occasion my husband actually agreed with me so of to darent we went.

4 hours we were there 4 HOURS!!!

Turns out bubba had croup. The nurse gave him some medicine, then we had to wait a further 3 hours to see a dr who just confirmed what the bloody nurse had said.

Fair to say we were all KNACKERED! Max stayed awake the WHOLE time we were there.

The croup seems to have gone now (thank god).

In other Max news:

He’s finally crawling, hipp hipp hooray!!! Don’t get me wrong he reverts back to dragging his body occasionally (especially when we’rePicture 301 Picture 312 Picture 298 around other people).

These babies do love making us mummys look like liars.Ā He has also started to pull himself up onto the furniture, namely his toy box.

Max just seems so happy lately and I think being able to finally get about has a lot to do with it. I’m definitely noticing that he’s a lot chattier.

Were on birthday countdown in our house (still so much to do!!!) less than 3 weeks to go šŸ™‚


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