Pumpkin Picking

So the UK seems to have gone halloween mad this year, Have you seen the aisles in asda, wall to wall scary.

When did we get so caught up in this very american holiday.

So to keep in the spirit of things I’m going to take Max to the farm to pick a very SMALL pumpkin.

Were going on our own, I’m not used to doing that. It’s ok though I’m sure we’ll have a great time just the two of us.

I decided last night to purchase a deal from Wowcher and now I feel like I’ve been robbed. 300 prints from Truprint for 3 quid, surprise surprise after I’d spent 2 hours choosing and uploading 300 sodding photos the code didn’t work. Oh and they didn’t mention the 3 quid delivery charge (that’s fair enough as it’s such a cheap deal)

Fair to say I went to bed at 11 in a stinking mood only to be woken at 4.30 am with Max crying. Since the clocks went back he’s been a mare for waking up at least once a night.

Oh and don’t get me started on the poopy nappies since trying to wean him on full fat milk. Is it really to much to ask for him to take to it like a dream and save me some pennies.

Still love my boy and my life (sometimes)

Can we also please talk about the baby in pumpkin pictures. Yes they are cute but I have a few questions WHY and HOW!!!!

This must be some form of child abuse !:)


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