Sometimes I just want to speak my mind

Pre mummy I absolutely had no filter, in fact the speech my boss gave me on my last day was all about the comical things that have come out of my mouth (made me sound a bit of a bitch, thanks for that).

I would often just say the first thing that came to mind and not really think about how the receiver would feel receiving the verbal diarrhea.

Now I’m not like that and my god do I miss it.

I’m always worried about offending people whether it be on here, social media or in person I constantly overthink what the person on the other end will say.

I just want to say what I think without being hung drawn and quartered. Is that really to much to ask.

Please tell me i’m not the only one!!!!

This blog would be sooooo much better if I could say what I really want to.

Maybe one day I will (when its not linked to my facebook with all my friends and family)

Mehhhh just a day in the life 🙂


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