BLW Update

It’s been awhile since I have blogged about Max’s diet.

He still doing very well, still eating everything in sight (including leaves from the garden). He has a excellent pincer grip and has recently started using the fork more (see here for the MAM cutlery we’ve been using). I preload the spoon and he guides it to his mouth. Sometimes it goes in and sometimes it goes on the floor.

The other day I found chill DOWN HIS BACK!!!!

I’ve tried to keep the diet varied. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut. We have been trying to do at least one new dish a week. Last week was jambalaya. Such a strange dish it had chicken sausages and prawns. Max seemed to like it and I found it ok, not sure if I would cook it again.

I really need to step up my lunchtime game it’s to easy to give sandwiches (bread has a high salt content and is best given in moderation).

Max is poorly this week (read all about that here) so I think I’m going to concentrate on the veggies a bit more.

He seemed to be dropping his lunchtime and early afternoon bottle but now I think that may have been just because of the viral infection.

Picture 287

Picture 286Picture 288


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