Nutri bullet vs sage blender

Yesterday I treated myself to a nutri bullet.

I’ve wanted one for ages but because I had a blender already I held off. 

Well it hasn’t disappointed, it’s brilliant. It blends the fruit down  (with the aid of liquid ) to a lovely consistency- which you choose. It’s super quick and really easy to clean.

A few years back I brought the Heston bloomers sage blender.  It was really expensive and I justified it by saying that when we did have babies it would be good for the purree stage.

How wrong I was. Luckily I used vouchers so I haven’t been out of pocket. The sage is really cumbersome compared to the bullet. It’s really hard to clean whereas the bullet just a twist of cup.

The sage has a lot more functions it can purree, blend,chop and crush ice. It also has a smoothie option. The sage costs £200.00.

The bullet is really for one thing only to extract the goodness from the fruit and veg and blend down to a smooth consistency.  I brought it from asda for £99.99 it came with 2 blades 2 cups with handles and lids, a tall cup and a recipe book.

I just wish I’d brought one years ago.

This morning I had kale,carrot,strawberry, celery and Banna smoothie,max even had a small cup.

Whats good for momma is good for bubba.


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