Can I please scream now

Lately I’ve been feeling a little stressed out.
What the heck is up with me.

My house is a mess and I can’t seem to get on top of it. This really messes with my sanity!!!!

We currently have no heating because somethings gone wrong with the radiators.

My room has piles of clothes on the floor ( why I wasted my time ironing them I don’t know) it resembles a teenagers room.

Arrrgggggghhhhh i just want to scream!!!!!
Now that’s the reality of life and having a child. Not everything goes can be perfect ALL the time. Thou I’d be happy with some of the time.

In max news he had his 1st birthday party last week. It all went well and I think he enjoyed it . He’s walking (with help from us) and he’s started sofa surfing. Thing is he gets up but hasn’t quite worked out how to get down yet.

I will do a proper update soon. Time seems to just slip away from me lately.








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