What a great day for Max and a tiring one for mummy

We’ve had such a busy day.

We went to belvedere to pick up a new boiler (being installed Sunday yayy can’t wait to have proper heating again) the store was on a industrial estate, me and max looked very out of place!!!

When we got home max had a very healthy lunch of carrot and sweet potato batons (steamed) and mushy peas ( I hate peas at the best of time , mushy peas are just gross)

As it wasn’t raining I decided to take max to our local church playgroup. I let him go on the trike. It was a success and so much easier than taking the pram. I didn’t even take my changing bag. It was amazing πŸ™‚

He really enjoyed playgroup. I think being mobile is certainly playing a big part in that.

I’m exhausted I should have had a nap when he went up at 3.15. It’s to late now what a rookie mistake,  boooooooo

Roll on bedtime!!!!







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