The poop incident

Ok so this incident made me chuckle (now but not really at the time).

So Max had a lovely smelly poopy nappy for me to change. Which was a nightmare because I was really sick yesterday and the smell alone was making me heave.

We had a cute moment where I told him he had pooped and he laughed up a storm.

Then came POOP GATE!!!!

As I was changing his bum he somehow got hold of the nappy. I managed to wrestle it off him only to notice I had his poo on my hand and so do he!!!! I screamed and grabbed the wipes double quick time before he shoved the poo in his mouth.ย 

My screaming scared him and he cried ,like proper cried.

Oh dear cue guilty mummy.

It’s ok he’l thank me whenย  he’s older ๐Ÿ™‚


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