Such a horrible experience and one nobody should ever have to go thru. Sadly the odds are high 85 % of pregnancys will end in miscarriage in the 1st trimester.

People don’t tend to talk about miscarriage. It almost feels like something to be ashamed of , or is it just that the hurt is so extreme you just can’t talk about it with anyone.

Some of you will know from my previous posts that I had 2 back in 2013 before we were blessed with Max.  Well I actually had what’s called a missed miscarriage. That’s when the baby has gone but it doesn’t get picked up untill your scan.

Sometimes I think to myself was I lucky not to have a natural miscarriage, was I spared in some way. The answer is NO I wasn’t spared, each time I was told it hadn’t worked out at my scan I felt liked my heart had been ripped out.

We didn’t have Max then so it left me pretty empty and bitter.

Were thinking about having a second baby now and it really just brings home that it could happen again . We could put ourselves thru that heartache again. Will this stop me trying for a second child no I don’t think so.

Should the same happen again would I be able to move on and try again.  The answer I think is yes. I’m a very lucky girl,I’m married I live a comfortable life and I have  a amazing son who brings nothing but light into my life.

I come from a large family and it’s important to me to have a good family unit. I see max with his cousin and I think yes I want him to have a little brother and sister to love and cherish.

We’ll just have to live by the old motto from before :

Expect the worst and hope for the best.


2 thoughts on “Miscarriage

  1. You get what you expect. (Not that you expected it before, they can happen out if the blue sometimes)
    That’s the thing about faith. If you expect to miscarry this time, that’s where all your faith is gonna be and the outcome won’t bee good. Expect a great pregnancy!


    • To be honest I don’t beleve in all that if u think positive it will all work out. I think if the pregnancy is viable then it will be regardless of the positivity. I think that thinking positive is more for the woman’s state of mind than anything else .


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