The 1 year review

Max has just had his one year development review.

He sailed through it with flying colours. His weight is still on the centile it’s been on since birth (take that fat haters) and he’s hitting all the milestones for his age group.

What I found very refreshing was the fact we didn’t receive a lecture about not vaccinating max with the mmr jab. As the health visitor pointed out we are his parents and we know what’s best for our son.

He won’t have another review for another year and a half.

I think hel be walking by Christmas  (God help us all). He’s defiantly getting braver. Yesterday he actually stood stationary for a second before the panic set in.

Our latest dilemma is about the Christmas tree this year.
How on earth can we stop him from demolishing it.

We have a huge tree,we brought it a few years ago before max was born .

Its really tall and we have low celings.

So any suggestions about keeping a 1 year old from being squashed by a Christmas tree will be happily received 🙂





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