What a crap week it’s been

All the mummys out there know there is nothing  worse than having a sick child.

Max has had a ear infection this week. This has left him wingey and feeling sorry for himself.

Hell I feel sorry for myself as I’ve also had a cold (it never rains but it pours). Last night was the 3rd night in a row he’d woke continually during the night = a very tired mummy

We’re on day 3 of antibiotics and I’m really hoping he sleeps well tonight.

Please pray for me.


2 thoughts on “What a crap week it’s been

  1. It’s awful when your kid is sick and you can’t do anything. My eldest had a virus that had been going around at daycare. Three days of fever and mopey-acting child plus not great sleep = exhausted and frustrated mommy. It will work soon!
    For ours, when they have ear infections, we also give some ibuprofen until the antibiotics kick in (just to ease the pain) and help them sleep. Good luck!


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