Winter isn’t coming….. it’s bloody here

It’s freezing out there.

Time to get out the ear muffins gloves and scarves out of the drawer.

Dressing max for winter last year is so different to this year. This time last year it was all about the snowsuit now it’s jumpers hats and gloves.  Although sometimes he’s more I treated in eating the gloves than keeping them on his hands.

With new babies it’s so important that they don’t overheat. So new mummys do over layer your baby and defiantly don’t keep the hat and snowsuit on when they are indoors.

Babies can’t regulate their body temperatures which is why it’s so easy for them to over heat. I think my health visitor used to say it’s better for them to have less layers than to be to warm. 

I remember last year we kept our heating on all winter. If the temp dropped lower than 17 degrees then the heating would kick in. As a new mum you definitely get a bit paranoid that the little ones are to chilly.

A must buy is a thermometer for the room baby will be sleeping in. We invested in the gro egg. It was really simple to use plug it in and off you go. It glows different colours for different Temps. Blue being too cold, yellow for perfect,amber for so so and red for way too hot. It was one of our best buys and it’s a product we use now and will for the foreseeable future. 



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