Ranting and raving

I really didn’t want this blog to be ranty but what the heck I need to rant away. Here’s what’s bothering me this week:

1. If I let you pass on the road wether you have right of way or not then it’s polite to say thank you. Drives me nuts when people are rude.  Yes I’m that person that says loudly your welcome ….in my car where you can’t hear me 🙂

2. Max fighting naps. For the love of God child just sleep mummy needs to sleep, eat, have a cup of tea.

3. Housework. It’s never ending and nothing makes a difference. See people on Facebook looking for cleaners makes me sooooo jealous.

4. The Christmas film selection on prime and Netflix.  It’s disappointing and plain crap there’s not even any classics on there.

5. The nappy struggle. Max is determined to roam the house nappy free. Guess what sunshine not on my watch!!!!!!

Ok I think that’s enough moaning for one post. With this little sausage in my life I can never be mad for long.



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