Always favourites …….

I’ve been sooooo pissed off recently about a few scenarios.

It’s my belief that children should be treated equally. In both love and matriastically (is that even a word). I think if you have one child or ten they must all be treated fairly.

I’ve seen and heard so many cases of this lately where that’s just not the case.

I’ve come to the realisation  that this is a bit of a fantasy it’s not real life.  People will always have their favorites.

Kind of makes me want to pack my family up and move to a remote area where we can just live off the land.

The most annoying part is that it really BOTHERS me. My God whhhhy!

I feel I need to meditate or something and take this dumb negativity and turn it into something positive.

Here’s a funny story to conteract my annoyance : max had been asleep for a while tonight when I throught I caught a whiff of poo coming from his room. Upon patting his bum low and behold I could fee the poo sticking out


What to do!!!!

Option 1: The decent thing and change his bum running the risk of him not going back down OR option 2: just pretend to myself I didn’t smell it.

Ok calm down I changed his bum.

Have you ever been in this situation. What did you do 🙂

Anyway enough from me.

Happy Sunday.


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