Family day out to winter wonderland

Before Max myself and Danny used to go to winter wonderland every Christmas. For us it really kicks off the festive season.

Last year was the first year we didn’t go. Max was only 4 or 5 weeks old and it really is no place for a newborn. The idea of lugging the buggy on a train and tube so soon after giving birth terrified me. So we gave it a miss. To be honest we were pretty preoccupied with our bundle of joy.

Well this year we went back whoop whoop with Max in tow.

The journey was relatively simple and straight forward with a pram. We chose to go at the beginning of the week at a reasonable time. If you have no kids I would definitely recommend going late afternoon the lights are beautiful.

We hopped on a tube from London Bridge to green park. The wonderland is situated in Hyde Park a very short walk from green park tube station.

We arrived with one thing on our mind FOOD more specifically BRATWURST sausage. We went to the first stall we happened upon. Upon the lady handing my my sausage I asked where the ketchup was to which she replied they had RUN OUT.
I was in shock what the fuck you sell sausages how can you not have ketchup.  She did offer curry sauce as these are apparently the same thing. As I stood there opened mouth with danny asking me what on earth was wrong, I think the look on my face said it all.

I’m sorry but that proper fucked me off I wanted to throw the toys out of the pram tell the lady to stuff her sausage and storm home. 5 seconds later and back to earth I came. It’s ok said dan well just steal ketchup from another stall. Haha we didn’t quite steal we brought some chips. We had told our self’s they were for max but we ate them all like fat piggys! !!!


Max having a flirt on the tube.


The park was decorated lovely thou some of it is quite strange. It’s a German market so it’s to be expected.  There was a giant man talking to a bird which frankly terrified me. There was also about 6 haunted houses not sure what the connection to xmas is there.

There really is everything at winter wonderland. Food,beer, shops ,fun fairs and ice skating.

The price of everything is ridiculous.for example in the kiddie section it was 3 tokens (3 pound ) per person to ride. So as max was to small to go on his own it would have cost 6 quid per ride. Needless to say he didn’t go on any rides.

The baby changing facilities were clean, spacious and surprisingly warm.

Over all I think we all had a good day. Itl be fab next year when max can walk as he got a bit peed off in the pram.




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