Last Christmas

Last christmas was hands down the worse christmas on record for me.

It started off so well we had a lovely morning at home opening presents and generally enjoying our small baby.

Where did it all go wrong you say?

Well we got to Dans parents the venue of all our christmas days. Max decided to have the grumpiest day in history to date. In hindsight I really believe he had started teething and that this was the reason for the shift in mood.

Naturally family offered to take Max off my hands. Give me a break from the crying (and i suspect give them a break from the crying). I see now they were just trying to be helpful but back then being a brand spanking new mum I totally took it the wrong way. I had in mind that they thought I didn’t know how to settle my own child. That they deemed me incapable of looking after my baby.

I couldn’t wait for the day to be over and by midnight we were all home tucked up in bed.


This year will be so different for a few reasons.

This will be the first christmas without the only gramps I have ever known (it’s going to be hard).

Max is older now and although the terrible ones have well and truly struck I feel so much more confident as a mum. I don’t think of myself as a new mum.This year when somebody offers help with Max i’ll gladly take it just to get 5 minutes peace.


I’m still so amazed at how tiny he is in these pictures 🙂


DSC_0678 DSC_0672 DSC_0656 Baby Max ~ Newborn 2014-11




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