Processed foods v’s Real food

I wanted to reblog some of my older posts as we come to the end of the year. I’d love to know peoples thoughts what are you opinions on the foods we give our children.

Max and Kai The Blog

There is no comparison. Real food wins hands down every time.

When I talk about processed food, I’m talking about microwaveable meals and the like. These types of food are loaded with sugar, salt and chemicals to extend the shelf life. I really hate the way supermarkets peddle these types of food as being a healthy diet for children.

Now I’m no angel, But I don’t feed these types of meals to my son. That doesn’t mean I never will but I will try my hardest to ensure he doesn’t have shit food like that.

We made a real grown up decision for me not to return to work. My new full time job will be raising my son (I like this position much more than the previous)

This means we’re going to be on a real tight budget (thank god for Aldi’s). The key to trying to stick to…

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