Max’s 2015

2015 for Max:

He had 3 urine infections which led to 3 hospital stays and 3 canulas (my poor baby).

He learnt how to laugh and giggle.

Had croup and a ear infection.

Had a zillion  coughs and colds

Learnt to roll back and forward

Learnt how to crawl

Learnt to say mummy and daddy as well as some other basic words like high ya

Learnt to pull himself up

Learnt how to sofa surf

Entertained us with his clapping and High fives

Can locate his head on demand

Can settle himself to sleep

Can feed himself

Can pull half his coat off

Throws epic tantrums

I’m sure there’s a load of stuff I’ve forgotten. It’s amazing how much babies learn and develop in the first year. Max has gone from being a cute newborn who sleeps and yawns a lot to a toddler with a boisterous personality.

2016 should bring even more new and exciting developments. I’ve decided I will Continue blogging who cares if nobody’s reading.

Happy Saturday 🙂





3 thoughts on “Max’s 2015

  1. I’m pleased you’ve decided to continue blogging, I enjoy reading your posts. You have a very honest style which records the good and the more challenging. As someone who is going to become a mum for the first time this year I find your blog very interesting and a good balanced reflection on parenting.


  2. Don’t be hard on yourself! I think Blogging is about recording and writing what’s important and relevant to you in your own unique style. In a few years you’ll look back and be very glad you have all these memories recorded, you’re doing a great job!


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