Another crappy week in the mad max household

So I posted previously about how we were housebound because of Max’s hand foot and mouth. Luckily that was mild and he recovered quickly.

Then Danny came home from work complaining of a scratchy throat, right then and there I should have kicked his butt to his mums. I should have read the signs. He was SICK!!!!!!!

Queue a few days of nursing him in the only way a woman can (sorry men just aren’t as good at that stuff) then BAM I got sick!!!!!

It’s been over a week and I’m only just starting to see the other side. I’ve never felt so I’ll in my life. It wasn’t just your typical cough and cold I also had the world’s worse headache was throwing up and to top it off I have a lovely wax wedged ear ( being syringed next week – sooooo ooooo excited)

So it’s been 2 weeks indoors so far. I’m hoping to get max to class this week. It’s fair to say we’re both going slightly stir crazy.





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